Pandemic Babies

Pandemic babies is a newly described term since births from early 2020. Babies born during a epidemic pandemic like corona virus.

I imagine the consequences we are going to see in generations to come, babies not seeing faces but only eyes with masks on. Babies learn so much from our facial expressions and this is developed over the first few years of life. Crinkles of the eyes, big toothy smiles, making sounds and words with moving out mouths. They are constantly mapping this out in their head, how does this look when the face isn't full, due to covering of masks.

Then there is the parent stress. Most lockdowns means then a parent may lose their income, financial stress is the biggest contributor to domestic arguments. Stress impacts our mental health, as we tend to shut down by not interacting and engaging so much. This can pose risks to children later on in their development as a result in their language, cognitive development and emotional wellbeing.

Lack of village support for new mums has been a stand-out concern. Having a new baby and feeling disconnected and isolated as your own immediate family cannot visit, touch and cuddle. Not even having access to a new mother's group due to restrictions. How do you feel validated and safe that you're doing a good job and that you're not alone with going through something with your baby, when there is no access to this supporting group. Social support is considered vital as infants thrive on variety, stimulation and opportunity for learning.

What is one thing a parent can do to support there baby born into pandemic times?? Support your own mental health is the first priority and the second is to play and create stimulation with your new baby. Playfulness is a great way to make little meaningful connections often. This lights up the brain and builds upon secure attachments based on trust, love and safety. Do this little and often.

For all those pandemic babies and mother's out there. I see you. I am one of them and we are all doing out best in this situation.

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