What if my baby cries during the massage?

You are giving your Little One a loving massage, using the sequence I have shown you in the Little One Massage Program. She starts to cry and become distressed and this is making you feel distressed.

Are you doing it right?

Does your baby hate your massage?

Actually, it is absolutely fine if your baby cries during your massage. It isn't a reflection on your massage and your baby doesn't hate your touch.

First Tip, re-settle and relax your baby.

  • Pick her up for cuddles.

  • Offer feed.

  • Offer dummy.

  • Check she is warm as the massage can reduce body temperature.

  • The try again with resting hands.

Babies can cry for many reasons, making us feel uncomfortable and distressed.

It is their only way of verbal communication - dependant on the age.

Babies can accumulate a lot of stress and cortisol during the day due to a stimulating environment such as daycare or busy family events.

The cortisol doesn't feel good in little bodies and to help release this tension, crying is one of the best ways.

When you massage your baby you are holding a safe space for them to comfortably release any tension and they know you will lovingly respond appropriately to their needs.

Building upon the secure attachments we need to have with our little one's.

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